Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Blog - And This One's A Keeper!!

Not really sure if anyone reads this or not but if you do, don't. I'm moving because I'm getting married and with my new life will come a new start in everything including my blog. No more plant blogs, or cake blogs, just a me blog. I dare say there will be plants and there will be cakes but it will not be exclusive.

I'd love to see you there.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ow Ow Ow!

A few years ago I had my navel pierced and have never had any bother with it.  I followed the instructions the woman gave me regarding keeping it clean.  She also told me it would ‘grow out’ at some point and faster on me than on most due to how thin I was.  That isn’t a problem for me now since I’ve gained a good couple of stone in the last couple of years (something I’m happy about as I have pretty much always been underweight).  Today I had to have an MRI at the hospital (nothing to worry about).  Due to the fact it’s made of a very strong magnet I had to remove all my jewellery.  For me this meant removing my belly bar and for longer than the usual few seconds I take it out for to change it on the rare occasions that I actually do change it.  Technically it shouldn’t have been a huge problem.  I’ve had it for ages and therefore it should stay open for at least a couple of days (or at least that’s what I thought).  I got home after the scan and attempted to put it back in. 


It would not go in for love nor money.  There was blood, there was pain but there was no way on earth it was going back in.  And so I gave up for a while and threw some antiseptic cream on my ‘wound’ and sat, feeling sorry for myself with a coffee.  A little while later I decided to give it another go and this time I thought I’d go at it at a different angle.  This seemed to work, though not without some more bleeding but I’m pleased to say it’s now back in place on my slightly flabby and untoned tummy.


I go away for a few days tomorrow with JJ and in preparation I have girlied up right nice and painted my nails.  I can wear nail polish at work but I doubt I’d get away with these colours!


We’re off out now to go and see my mum and dad for dinner.  See you in a week.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I Fell Asleep

I was browsing eBay to find something nice and the next thing I realised I was waking up feeling overly hot and heavy-headed.  I had fallen asleep with my laptop on my lap (just like it says on the tin) and the central heating on.  Couple this with the fact that I was sitting next to the radiator and my situation soon explained itself.  Still, I got up and continued my quest and now…

  1. Bake some low fat low sugar blueberry muffins to take with us to JJ’s parents (his mum is on a diet)
  2. Buy myself something nice off eBay.
  3. Go out and try to find some Autumn leaves to take pictures of.
  4. Post about all of these things.

…item 2 is off the list in the form of this lovely cardigan. 


I’m sick of wearing fleeces in the winter as I don’t find them especially feminine and I thought this would do the trick and keep me warm.  Hopefully it won’t take too long to be delivered and I’ll be able to take it with me on my upcoming travels.

Tomorrow I will make the muffins, I got all the ingredients sorted earlier.  I also got some Southern Comfort, a treat I have not enjoyed for many a year.  The taste takes me back to a time when, in an effort to be artistic or something, I would have a glass of Southern Comfort and ginger ale of an evening whist reading something poignant or more often and watching a few episodes of the most brilliant show ever written, The Office.


I’m actually making myself sound as if I had or have some sort of drinking problem, and given the fact that I was working as a checkout operator in a supermarket at the time I suppose that’s highly likely but regardless, The Office and Southern Comfort were a great combination.  Interestingly, the place I work now is actually very reminiscent of the series and in case you were wondering, it’s just as funny when you live it!!

R & R

The 2 weeks I have been waiting for all year are finally here!  It’s my 2 weeks off.  No unwanted early mornings, no having to go out in the rain and no having to be polite to people I’d much rather scream at for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!! 

Tomorrow I have no plans, nor do I have any today but on Wednesday we’re going to go and see JJ’s parents for a short visit and I’m really looking forward to it.  After that with any luck we might be going to see another friend who lives by the coast but that’s not definite yet.  In the mean time I have nothing to do other than enjoy the fact I have nothing to do.  It’s bliss quite frankly.  Right now I’m laying in bed (I should point out that I’ve been out this morning to pay rent and also been shopping for food and have since gone back to bed).  And so I’ve set myself some little things to do (nothing strenuous in fact they’re more treats than tasks).

  1. Bake some low fat low sugar blueberry muffins to take with us to JJ’s parents (his mum is on a diet)
  2. Buy myself something nice off eBay.
  3. Go out and try to find some Autumn leaves to take pictures of.
  4. Post about all of these things.

Not necessarily in that order, I will get these all done by Wednesday morning.

For now I’m happy to lay in my nice warm bed while JJ sleeps (of course) and get to work on item 2 on my list.  

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Testing 1 2 3…

I’ve heard it said that in a lifetime the average person will only use ten percent of their brain.  In my case I’d say it’s probably more like five percent but that’s beside the point.  The point is I’m blogging with Windows Live Writer, a program I didn’t even realise I had on my computer until a moment ago and it makes me wonder quite how much of this computer I don’t use!

Anyway, that’s it really.  It started off sounding quite like this was going to be a very profound post but as it turns out…it wasn’t.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Treasure Hunting

We went to the car boot sale today in search of treasure. Considering the number of people that had stalls there, I was a little disappointed with what we eventually came home with. What we got was great I just wish we'd found more. Some of it we keep, some we sell. Today I'd say it was definitely half and half.

It was pretty busy but mostly baby clothes and toys. We went round the whole thing twice to make sure we didn't miss anything.


Here's JJ hunting around for a bargain.

So, in the end we found a few bits and here are my favourites.


This lovely little plant pot holder that I've used to put my cutting in (still not got a clue what that cutting is). I love the colour of it and I think it looks really nice with the plant and it was just fifty pence.


This top from New Look. I might not get a lot of wear out of it this year but it will be great next year. Never been worn and just £2.00


Finally, this lovely silk purse/makeup bag/jewellery pouch. We've decided to put this one on eBay as I really don't need it. It was only £1.00 so I don't think we'll have any problems getting our money back.

After the car boot sale we came home and have spent the afternoon doing housework and watching The Dukes of Hazzard (original one). I love a bit of good, mindless entertainment.

And with that I kiss goodbye to yet another weekend and start counting down to the next one.

xx sweet dreams everyone xx

Bathroom Plants

I had a bit of a tidy up of the plants in the bathroom and a bit of a shuffle around. The African Violets are now all tidied and spread out a bit since the seem to be growing faster than their pots can hold them.


I've potted up the cutting the gardener at work gave me and have decided to call her Jade since her colour is a very dark green and she's sat next to my jade plant Hugo.



Let's just hope she grows roots now.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Poshest Wee Of My Life

Saturday was nice. It didn't start out that way as we were awakened by the sound of the postman dropping the electricity bill through the letterbox and it was considerably higher than the last one. We soon overcame this little annoyance however and decided to take a trip out on the train to Stamford to rummage through the charity shops. We like looking for bargains both for ourselves and to sell on eBay.

And so we got up and went out before the weather had a chance to change it's mind and rain on our parade, making our way as quickly as we could to the train station. When we got there the queue for tickets was not appealing and so I used the automated ticket machine and then headed over to find out what platform we needed to be on. Unfortunately the ticket machine had failed to mention that there were no trains to Stamford that day due to repair works being carried out and instead replacement bus services were in operation.


The bus actually arrived in Stamford sooner than the train would have (don't ask me how) which was really good news and so we had longer to look round for exciting treasure that somebody else no longer wanted. I found myself a lovely Per Una jumper (peach) which will be really cosy when the winter gets here. JJ found a book that he thought I'd like (and he was right) and so he bought that for me too. We found a few little bits and bobs for eBay too.

After a good few hours of roaming the streets we felt the need for a sit down and in my case a cup of tea and so we went into a lovely little cafe called 'The Rained Off Cafe'



Once we were feeling a little more revived we went to feed the ducks before coming home. What we didn't count on was the ducks all seemingly on a hunger strike as not one of them seemed interested in any of our meager offerings. All was not lost however as several pigeons seemed happy to take up our offer of a good meal.



So it wasn't a complete wash out.

Finally it was time for us to go and catch the bus home. We went back to the train station to wait for the bus (weird no?) and it was at this point we both realised that not only were the trains not running to Stamford but the station was closed as well. This wasn't a problem in itself but we were counting on using the public toilets before getting the bus home. Fortunately we still had a little time before the bus arrived and so we went on a high speed search to find some public facilities. It was at this point that JJ spotted this...


Ok I thought, why not. The plan was to get a drink at the bar and then use and abuse the lav. And so we walked in to what turned out to be a courtyard!!


It was at this point I started thinking 'I'm getting a bit out of my depth here'. But on we went. The bar was surreal. I didn't dare take any pictures in there as it was filled with posh people wearing matching tweed jackets and speaking in funny voices. I have never drank a glass of coke so fast in my life. Three gulps and it was gone. Once I'd had the drink I could use the loo and leave. And so we were faced with the next mission.. finding the loo's.

What I discovered turned out the be the poshest, most elaborate and over the top ladies room I have EVER seen!!

Worlds Most Eleborate Loo

Elaborate Loo


And so, I had the poshest wee of my life and it made me feel a bit like the queen.

That is all!

Friday, 4 September 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

rainy day

rainy day 4

I woke yesterday feeling hungover. This was strange since I'd not had a drink for at least a month so I put it down to general tiredness from 2 of the most appalling weeks at work it had ever been my misfortune to suffer. On top of this the weather was very wet, windy and rainy when I woke up. It quickly changed throughout the day, then changed again and again and again. From rain to sun and back and forth until not a single creature wasn't feeling some tinge of confusion.

That confusion was compounded for me during dinner last night. JJ and I were sat eating our gammon and mash when all of a sudden there was a mighty knock on the door. I got up to go and see who it was and to my surprise it was our friend Dennis with a very bewildered looking taxi driver! Dennis is both deaf and blind and apparently, two weeks ago, we had arranged for him to come over that evening. The usual arrangement when this happens is JJ goes down to meet him from the taxi and then one of the support workers from where he lives meets him at the other end on his return. This time however we had no idea he was coming.

On top of this we'd made plans for some other friends of ours to come round. Fortunately they both know Dennis (one of them works with him too) so it wasn't the end of the world, just a bit odd. Once the shock had worn off it was a very nice evening involving ginger cake, ginger wine and plenty of cups of tea.

Today is brighter...


The sun is shining, the sky is blue. I don't feel quite so tired and it is the last day on my 'Job from hell' as the woman I'm covering for is back next week and normality can resume. Tomorrow is Saturday and still, at this precise moment in time no firm plans are made so I'm penciling in a lie-in with a cup of tea followed by a mystery tour somewhere weather permitting.

And with that I must away as I should have been getting ready for work for the last half hour and instead I've been blogging.

Have a super day everyone!